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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 10, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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talk about the show with everybody else watching. in the meantime, keep it here on fox news channel. go to greta good night from washington, d.c.. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> an america in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it women in america cannot trust mitt romney. >> bill: why is the democratic party embracing extremism? does president obama think that will get him votes? why? mary katharine and bernie will all weigh in. >> if yoyou arareeilling t to ve fofomeme inn novovbebe w wwi n n isis election.n. we w wllllininh whhate arard.d. >ilil the newew daiai tracking p polll shows president obama doing better. but why? karl rove and brit hume will weigh in on that speaker pelosi how are you this morning? your friend mr. o'reilly wants to know when you are going to be joining us on the show.
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>> bill: jesse watters running wild at the democratic convention. >> they are actually being nice to me here, can you believe that. >> i'm not sure the democrats are nice. i'm not sure they would be nice to bill. >> don't miss the latest edition of watters world. >> hello newman. >> bill: caution, you are about to severe the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ be. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight as we begin our 17th season on the air. amazing. assessing the conventions, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. journeys to tampa and child support were instructive but not very exciting. republic convention featured three main messages. the president has failed to improve the economy and has no clue on what to do next but mitt romney does and can improve things. that's it. it took four days to get that out.
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things are bait more complicated on the democratic side as that party is divided. traditional democrats continue to support president obama but seem a bit uneasy with the radical turn the party is taking. i mean, look at the prime time speakers. the head of planned parenthood who wants abortion without limits with taxpayers' funding. and just to make sure we didn't miss that point. sandra fluke was given a high profile speaking slot to put forth her vision of the country. >> an america in which states humiliate women by forcing us to endure invasive ultrasounds that we don't want. and our doctors say that we don't need. an america in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it. >> bill: now, ms. fluke came across as smug and immature in my opinion. in fact writing in the "wall street journal" peggy noonan called ms. fluke a quote, a ninny, a narcissist, and a
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fool, unquote. dennis miller also had a great line he said the democrats are for cradle to grave entitlements. it's getting to the cradle that's the hard part. then it was caroline kennedy who offended millions of christians worldwide when she said this. >> as a catholic woman i take reproductive health seriously. and today it is under attack. this year alone, more than a dozen states have passed more than 40 restrictions on women's access to reproductive healthcare. that's not the kind of future i want for my daughters or your daughters. now isn't the time to roll back the rights we were winning when my father was president. >> bill: well, for the record, ms. kennedy's mother and father the president and jackie were not pro-choice, at least not publicly. they did not embarrass their church. well, the embarrassments continue with the democrats initially taking the word god out of their platform and then trying to put god back in.
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>> i will do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> in the opinion of the chair, two thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted, and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. [boos] thank you very much. >> bill: well, you are welcome. booing god. now, talking points does not believe there is a war on women or hispanics or black americans or anybody else. talking points believe the democratic party is bad. should spend the bulk of its time trying to fix that rather than fix that and divisive class warfare. i cannot figure out why president obama has handed his party over to extremists. the biggest positive in charlotte was bill clinton, a
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moderate democrat. if mr. obama thinks planned parenthood and sandra flew will get him elected he is making a major mistakes. most americans are not idealogues they want to give their families and themselves a decent life. mr. obama is misreading. most like him and many will vote for him again. the more he embraces the radical left, the more he shows disdain for american tradition and that includes capitalism, the more likely it is that he will lose. the president shows he has not fulfilled his promise to return the nation to prosperity. the long knives and the loons are out hoping to distract the voting public. that's not going to work this time. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington fox news analyst mary katharine ham and juan williams. where am i going wrong here? >> bill, i was down in charlotte. i didn't see any extremists as you describe them. you were just a moment ago talking about sandra fluke.n or.
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i mean caroline kennedy didn't insult the church. she simply said what i think a majority of catholics believe, you don't have to follow the latest dictates from the vatican, the spirit, faith, belief in god is deeply personal. >> bill: let me stop you. >> let me just tell you the majority of catholics believe -- >> bill: you misstated the facts so i have to correct you. according to the -- poll 79% of catholics do not believe in abortion. the catholic church condemns abortion. you cannot be practicing catholic and promote abortion, you can't. according to the church. caroline kennedy is in deep deep trouble with her church, not my problem. not my problem. it's her problem. but she did insult -- she insulted her church by referencing as a catholic woman i want reproductive rights, blah blah blah blah blah. secondly, juan, you are going to sit there in your pink tie and tell me that sandra fluke
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is not an extremist? are you going to do that tonight to this audience? >> yes. i'm going to tell you, in fact, i will -- the gallup poll said 82% of catholics believe that a woman can practice contraception. that's not immoral. it is -- >> very different things. >> absolutely. >> majority of catholics believe -- >> bill: you are trying to pet fog the issue and combine contraception and abortion: answer my question is sandra fluke an extremist or not? >> not at all. 40% of catholics agree with caroline kennedy that abortion is not immoral. >> bill: that's wrong. 75% think it's immoral. that's the poll. >> i'm telling you, gallup -- i know gallup. >> bill: you are making stuff up here. i have got the poll right in front of me. 75%. >> i have got the gallup poll right here, my friend. gallup gallup gallup. >> i don't believe that i think you are reading it
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wrong. i think you are reading that gallup poll wrong. i don't have that gallup poll here. >> 40% of catholics belief that abortion is morally acceptable, bill. the reality is the laws that dictate of the pope and vatican change. used to say you couldn't eat meat on friday they changed that rule. >> bill: here is the abortion poll right here. abortion practicing catholics morally acceptable 25%. morally wrong 75%. that's the poll, juan. all right? so let's get it straight. now, do you think sandra fluke is an extremist, mary katharine? >> i think most of what she pitches is a little extreme. she was up on the stage talking about how everyone should pay for everyone else's birth control. which. >> bill: so you think. >> the agencies from her. >> bill: wait, wait. you guys -- you have got to answer my questions. you think she is an extremist, correct, mary katharine. >> i think she is outside. yes. >> bill: do you think the president of planned parenthood is extremist as
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well. >> outside the mainstream as well. here is the allegation from them on stage that the -- that people like me allegedly want to take us back to some sort of dark age for women which apparently is three months ago when you might have to pay for your birth control is the 10% of plans that don't cover it didn't cover you. i think it's ridiculous. i do think about harassment the dnc was a distraction on those social i. the other half was a super keen time warp so the rose colored glasses version of the 1990s. i think that's what people saw as well. >> you have to think back to the factor before the conventions. i know have you been to the conventions and bloviating. you are going on and on and on. just answer my questions, okay? >> okay. >> i don't need two and a half minutes of other stuff here is the next question. >> we have now said that sandra fluke and mary katharine's opinion and the planned parenthood extremist is booing the infliewtion of
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god, is that an extremist action? booing the inclusion of the word requested to? is it extreme. >> inclusion of the word god and certain platform parts about israel. i think both illustrated. >> is that extreme? >> they were both at the same time and they're both important and the far left version of those positions is important. >> bill: is it extremist or not? >> yes. >> bill: thank you. juan, is it extremist? >> no. >> bill: it's not? >> i feel like a guy with a mop. they were talking about god-given abilities. that was a phrase. they weren't talking about god. they have lots in the platform about faith. >> bill: they weren't talking about god in the question was should we have the word god in the platform at first it was no and then they took it back. >> god given abilities, bill. that's all it was. you know what? let me just say this to mary katharine, when you have states under republic governors who want to use invasive ultrasounds, you know. >> bill: invasive ultrasounds. >> if that's not extremist and
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radical. they are the ones that's radical. >> you have a platform want taxpayer funded abortions at all levels that's outside the mainstream. >> bill: carl rove on the latest polls that are good news for president obama. and later watters world at the democratic convention. we believe you will enjoy this report upcoming. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. latest tracking poll pick president obama picking up steam. among likely voters 50% support the president. 45% like governor romney. the rest run decided. new cnn poll out today says 52% support president obama. 46% governor romney. joining us now from san francisco with reaction the always% perspicacious carl rove. i heard you moved to san francisco. headquarters out there so you are trying to convert everyone? is that what is going on. >> o'reilly, i'm from texas. if you want to come down to texas it and say that to me that i have moved to san francisco. i challenge you to do so. >> i don't want to get shot you will mistake me for a quail. >> more like a giant mule deer. >> thanks. >> you don't have that delicate nature of a flying quail. >> giant mule deer thank you
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very much, carl rove. two new polls say the same thing that president obama has gotten the big e. bounce from the conventions and you say? >> i think that's probably accurate. first of all, there is an interesting study done by two political scientists one of them tom holbrook that goes back and look at all of the conventions from 64 and democrats on average get about a 5 point bounce, that's what this one looks like this is an interesting case because this is only the second time in modern history in which we have had the conventions back to back. whatever bounce that romney get you get a bounce of having a convention and having people having a couple days to digest it and then you get your bounce. romney didn't have that obama does. people got to hear him on thursday night. there was turn next convention coming up. i suspect we got a little bit of a bounce for obama. let's see how long it lasts. i would remind you. this i don't have my white board but the high tech department put this together for me. in 19078 after the conventions
8:16 pm
jimmy carter led ronald reagan 44-40. after the 1988 convention, it was 55 dukakis and 38 for bush 41. >> a poll two months out from the election approximately doesn't mean that much? >> yeah. right after -- immediately in the back wash of the conventions. there is also some other interesting stuff going on here. there have been only four polls run and released in recent days since the democratic convention in states. and in all four of those, including two battleground states, ohio and north carolina, all four of those polls showed movement towards mitt romney. so maybe what happened is is that barack obama is getting this bump by getting democrats in places like new york and. >> bill: san francisco. san francisco. >> san francisco. >> bill: where you are right now making money. >> you know, they like you out
8:17 pm
here, bill. >> bill: i thought everyone liked me except juan and mary katharine are the only ones who don't because i had to scold them for not answering questions. president obama has got to feel good. he got hugged by a guy today feeling good about that i'm also feeling good about look i went into a convention. i had to give a presume time address. i got no record. i'm just basically asking for more time. i can't say i was successful in the in the biggest issue the economy i come out 5, 6 points on romney. i'm feeling good, right. >> not if you are the smart guys inside the campaign. they got the average bounce and they also know what goes up in this race tends to come down quickly as quickly as it went up. i think if i were them i would be waiting for another week or two to see where they're. romney came out with immediately he went up in the battleground states with 15 different ads geared toward individual issues and different parts of the seven battleground states in which he ran those ads and romney launched out on the campaign trail and you know obama got
8:18 pm
to know o -- president obama has got to know he is in for a rough road here and the outcome is very much up for grabs. these guys are not dumb. they know it. >> bill: they know it and they see interrible polling the way you see it they know that there is -- there is danger everywhere. now, i read a bunch of political journals and they all parrot each other. i think they all read what you say and then kind of parrot what you say. and they all say that mitt romney is running a, quote: overly cautious, unquote: campaign. true? >> >> i don't think so. the ryan choice was bold. you know, the -- you know, taking on medicare and entitlement reform being very specific about what his first 100 days would look like. saying that tax reform has to be a big element of what the country needs to do. these aren't tepid, comfortable, cautious statements. these are pretty bold. i think that look, the media get in sort of a habit.
8:19 pm
they sort of follow each other. there is a pac, there is a herd mentality. right now it's going to be that mitt romney is being comfortable and cautious. another time it's going to be that president obama is overreliant on bill clinton. going to go back and forth and that's the way it's going to be. most of the narrative is going to be for the advantage of obama and to the disadvantage of romney because frankly with very few exceptions, the national mainstream media are in the tank for the democrats this year. >> shepard: okay. final question: is there a difference between a mule deer and a regular deer? >> well, a mule deer is kind of a regular deer but there is a difference between white tail and a mule deer, mule deers tend to be bigger which is why you are a mule deer and not a white tails. white tails are bambi running off in the forest. mule deer is big with a big rack of horns and attitude. i don't know why but that makes me think of you. >> bill: reason why i'm a quail i'm not sensitive enough
8:20 pm
to be a quail. >> a quail is fast-moving beautiful little bird that's trying to run free and i mean. >> bill: i'm pretty quick. >> bill, i just don't see you. >> bill: karl rove, everybody. got to get out of san francisco quick. here are the results of our bill o' poll. we ask you did clinton eastwood help or hurt mitt romney's cause. 91% think they hurt him. 9% he hurt the cause. later bernie goldberg coke can i roberts criticizing democrats on abortion. those reports after these
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>> bill: hume zone segment tonight bring in political analyst. as i said to mr. rove the president has got to feel
8:24 pm
pretty good about the polling right now, right. >> i would think so. he seemed to get a bounce out of his convention. it appears romney didn't get anything or at least not nearly as much so at the moment looking at the likely frd gallup it appears that the president enjoys a bit of a lead. >> i'm a bit surprised as i said in the talking points memo because the democrats just loaded up with prime time speakers who are just off the chart left. wait out of the mainstream i thought that was going to have a residual -- i well know the economy and not abortion and not sandra fluke, they are small ball. when you see the really strident liberalism on display in prime time at that convention. i do really want these folks
8:25 pm
time time doesn't mean what it used to be back in the day broadcast networks in existence were carrying hours throughout the whole evening. can i remember back in the day being on the air during the day during conventions when they were longer and had more to settle at the conventions. now you have a situation where you have the cable channels are on and they tend to be watched by people sympathy pretty well set. all three networks are on and sort of what is in front of them. you know, that's the big audience. the 10 to 11 hour. so what happens in that hour tends to be in most people's minds, dominates the tv viewing and also dominates the coverage. if you look at that, what you had was, you know, you had mrs. obama, you had bill clinton. you had vice president biden and then, of course, you had obama himself. so, i think the largest and strongest impressions that were left by the convention were left by that hour by
8:26 pm
those people. >> how, and this is a very tough question to it quantify. you say that the politically engaged people their sympathies are already defined. all right. what percentage of the population is that as opposed to the people who really don't know, they care about their country but they don't really pay close attention. they don't know who sandra fluke is they don't what the planned parenthood controversy is. they don't know what the platform is they don't know any of. that is there a percentage put on. >> i can't identify the percentage precisely bill because, you know, there are no reliable -- i guess i could do some research on it. what i would say about it is if you are talking about the percentage of voters who are yet to be persuaded, who could be -- or who could change their minds, some of them may be in the cable watching committed political junky category. i would think mother of them
8:27 pm
would be in the category of people who are watching during the 10 to 11 hour when the audience is so much bigger. that's where those voters are likely to get more of those voters at that time than anything else. >> bill: looks like extraordinary number of americans though are just not locked in even on september 10th. they are not locked in yet. i think the debates may galvanize that. but there are a lot of people who just, you know, they go out and ask what the issues are they got economy. don't know what romney stands for president obama. i could be wrong. it seems that the voter, the electorate are getting dumber or maybe more app. apathetic. >> voters are getting so disillusioned with politics and politicians that they have tuned them all out. it's not entirely clear to me who that helps most. there is a certain presumption in favor of a sitting
8:28 pm
president. it's advantage but also goes along with the burdens of the record he may be carrying, too. that may be part of what accounts for president obama's boyian is i in the polling at this moment is people don't think this other guy could make any difference because they don't think anybody can. >> bill: all right, brit. i think that's a good analysis. i think people are so frustrated with the b.s. that they just -- >> -- that's why you keep hearing him say we can do this. you hear it at both conventions. >> bill: vote for somebody. vote for the person you think is going to help the country the most. that means you have to pay attention. >> bill: watters world in charlotte with the democratic convention. show you how that might turn out. bernie goldberg and adam corolla will discuss politics and life in general. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan,
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>> bill: watters world. guy jesse had a busy night in chearlts. running up very big entertainment tabs. phrenetic four days and here is what watters brought back. >> are you as excited to have all these democrats descend on your hometown. >> no comment. >> i'm jacked up and so pumped to be here. >> that's okay. i will take your word for it. >> do you socialize a lot with liberal politicians? >> i associate with all
8:33 pm
politicians because they are so much fun to be with. [ laughter ] >> hello newman. >> you have seen anybody worthwhile? >> no. >> remember me? >> i do remember you. >> when am i going to get you on the factor you? are not dodging the factor. >> you been through it. now i have nothing to say to. >> you mr. o'reilly says hello by the way. >> i love this gorilla reporting. [growl] >> tell bill i said hi. >> you are like the king in the castle. >> mr. rather, jesse watters with the o'reilly factor. how are you. >> fine. glad to see you. thank you very much. >> speaker pelosi, how are you this morning? , your friend mr. o'reilly wants to know when you are going to be joining us on the show. you don't look very happy to see me. >> i hope i'm not disturbing you. >> anything you want to say to the factor? jessica? remember me? how are you? >> you are a creep. >> i'm a creep? >> don't be saucy with me. >> bill o'reilly says hello.
8:34 pm
he wants to know what's going on with the murder rate in chicago right now. bill o'reilly says hello. >> hi, bill, how are you? [ laughter ] >> stop following me, okay? >> they're actually being nice to me here, can you believe that? >> sometimes there is hostility. i'm not sure they are nice to bill. >> that's very mature. >> is hollywood excited about president obama's re-election as they were in 2008? >> if the question is doing better than four years ago look what's happened four years ago. >> back 100 years ago civil rights only had a serious place in one party it should have a place in both parties. >> i'm a big obama guy. the president is going to win. it's exciting, you feel the energy? don't excite yourself. be calm. >> pretty tough go. >> last time upsurge of hope, this time i have determination. >> so what? >> i don't think a lot of people are necessarily thinking it's this president
8:35 pm
or that president. the reality is it was decades of both parties making decisions. >> what's the democratic plan plan to reduce the debt? >> the plan is balance, cuts, and social programs, defense, and targeted. >> we literally have never done any of those things. >> voter suppression. who are the people being suppressed out there? i don't get it. >> is there any particular reason why you are giving me such a hard time? >> is there a war on women right now. >> yeah, i do think there is. >> a lot of people treat women as second class citizens. >> wait a second. >> i think it's important for people to think about a woman's right to choose. >> do you think it's conservative bias or liberal bias in the media. >> i think it cuts both way. ♪ ♪ >> you look like a huge o'reilly fan. >> i love o'reilly. >> he is from new york. is he from long island, man. >> do you watch the show a lot. >> i don't watch tv a lot.
8:36 pm
>> i couldn't say a bad word about bill o'reilly. he is great. >> stay out of trouble. >> sunglasses in the rain. >> umbrella. can i borrow yours. >> no. >> i was shocked. >> yeah. >> because he was at an anita baker concert. ♪ free love. >> give billy my best. he is a good man. [ laughter ] >> how about that? ♪ >> bill: you know what i took away from that? how happy dan rather was to see you. >> no, he did not look pleased as well. >> bill: eva longoria running away with the ponytail. >> we were trying to stakeout sandra fluke. there she is. chased her down. my camera guy thought her assistant was sandra fluke. he elbows eva longoria out of the way and turns the camera on her assistant. so that's why it looked a little let trick out there. >> so your cameraman didn't know who eva longoria is. >> no. >> running away.
8:37 pm
>> she is my top interview. forget about biden, i don't care. i want eva longoria in there. i like that patricia arquette. i thought she was good. >> she was well-spoken. >> she put for the her view articulate. i would love to know because eva longoria got a lot of air time at the convention how did she arrive at these conclusions? overall how were you treated in charlotte. >> i was treated pretty well. i only had one incident where i was kingdom out of omni hotel. we tried to interview the mayor, boston guy who kicked out chick-fil-a. i asked him do you feel bad about the fact that you created all this controversy that a crazed gunman went up and shot up this conservative outfit. >> he said i don't know what you are talking about. never heard of it. >> i couldn't believe it so i left and security descended on me and said if you step foot inside the omni hotel we are charging you with second degree trespassing. >> bill: you should have. >> so when i leave the security guy goes by the way big factor fan keep up the work. >> we had the bail money for
8:38 pm
you. they treated me very nicely in charlotte, everybody. i just want to say the ritz carlton hotel in charlotte much better than the omni. i mean it was really a crisp hotel. very good hotel. jesse watters, everybody. when we come right back bernie goldberg cookie roberts slamming the dnc on abortion. wow. bernie is next.
8:39 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly weekdays with bernie segment tonight. keeping the record straight. last week when i was down south, i got a call from presidential advisor valerie jarrett. she is upset that a new book accuses her of telling president obama not to approve the raid that killed usama bin laden. she said that is absolutely false. and i believe her. over the years she has never mislead me. now the reason i bring this up is to tell you that goldberg
8:42 pm
and i have in business, in business to keep things honest. and the purveyor of bernard joins us now from north carolina. >> i'm watching 60 minutes on the navy seal who shot bin laden, i thought it was a pretty straight report no spin. what did you think. >> i will answer that in a second. first i have to ask you a question. do you know what this is? >> bill: come back to bernie. exactly. mule deer. >> bill: wasn't there a guy named gary muledeer who was a singer or something? i remember gary for some reason. >> maria muldowyer. >> bill: that's what was rove was referring to me as. >> i'm on top of it. >> bill: looking outer for me. >> i watched the interview. i agree with you. i found it riveting television. no opinions, no slant, no raised eyebrows. scott pelly, the reporter had
8:43 pm
a seal who was actually there ask questions the way you should and let the guy tell story. in addition to doing it right. i think it was important you remember when it first came out he threw his wife in front of the seal with the gun. only thing missing there was no report about the bin ladens having a weaner roast out in the backyard when the helicopters landed. all of these supposed facts weren't facts at all. last night the seal told the story and in his book he tolls the story of what happened. bin laden stuck his head out the door, boom. they shot him in the head. he was still twitching on the ground. the seal who was on 60 minutes shot him a few more times to make sure he was dead. it was good television, bill. it was serious television and
8:44 pm
it was done the right way. >> bill: okay. the reason that you know, bernie and i often criticize not so much cbs news. they have turned it around in my opinion. i want to get your opinion. since pelly took over and fager took over, running the operation, once in a while we see bleed through there on the left because the culture, of course from all of them is a liberal culture inside the operation. but i think cbs is trying to be fair-minded now. i don't see any bias over there, do you? >> i think you are right on two points. the first one you made is the important one he is not idealogue trying to turn it around. you will culture and there is the modern point you make. culture of liberalism at all the networks. >> bill: and that's been for decades. >> that's right.
8:45 pm
it does come through more than it should in my view at all the networks. >> bill: now, on that note, we criticized cokie roberts who works for abc news in the past for being, you know, very left wing and this and that. she did something surprising over the weekend. roll it. >> i think this democratic convention was really over the top in terms of abortion. every single speaker talks about abortion. and you know, at some point you start to alienate people. >> bill: i thought paul krugman the guy sitting next to her at the "new york times" was going to throw up, all right. looks like he had a little jump when she said that. and i don't know, i'm seeing that maybe ms. roberts is watching us and saying, you know, maybe o'reilly and goldberg are right here. we have got to start being a little more balanced. you say? >> i have got three possibilities, okay? one possibility she is catholic. she went to all catholic girls school. i don't know what her position son abortion but i wouldn't be shocked if a catholic watches
8:46 pm
one speech after another on abortion and says, you know, enough already. so one possibility is religion. the second possibility has nothing at all to do with religion but everything to do with politics. cokie roberts is a democrat. we know that but her father was a major figure in the house of representatives, a democrat. she is married to steve roberts formerly of the "new york times" is he a liberal also. that's a safe bet to say he was a liberal also. earlier this year they wrote a piece jointly and made a point about how barack obama was in trouble with catholics because of obama care and because of the provisions about contraception and sterilization and the bishops, you remember, were making a big issue of it in this piece, both cokie and steve roberts said that barack obama needs to take this seriously. he needs to respond to this or
8:47 pm
it could hurt him with catholic voters and in a tight race it could cost him the election. second possibility and i think this is maybe the real reason. she is worried that the person she wants to win has a bunch of people on there talking about abortion, you know, for over and over again and she figures this won't help with independents. the third possibility -- >> bill: advice through the criticism. >> yeah, yeah. the third possibility is just honest analysis. she really thinks that that was over the top. it was too much. it won't help with independents but she has no dog in the fight. >> bill: that's what i say it was crazy. >> i'm guessing that her politics played some role. >> bill: hold it up one more time so everybody can see what rove thinks i look like? >> i got it. >> bill: there it is. there i am. >> i also have another one. can you see that one? [ laughter ] >> bill: that's a profile. good. bernie goldberg, everybody. help me out. adam corolla on deck. what did he think of the
8:48 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, adam corolla now the newest factor contributor. see him each monday if we can sober him up from the weekend. joins us now from burbank, california. this is big for you, right, corolla? this is huge. >> it's huge. listen, bill, second only to the birth of one of my twins. [ laughter ] >> not the other one, right? >> i never say which twin it is. it is emotionally damaging. he knows who he is. >> bill: this is on par of the man show when you got that can you remember that far back? >> no, no. but, again, with all drugs we do out here in l.a. [ laughter ] >> who remembers the weekend?
8:52 pm
>> bill: i got it okay. so those wild republicans in tampa doesn't get more exciting than that, does it? >> yeah. they are old and white and don't dance well. and clinton eastwood, i know your poll says differently and i didn't -- you know, he shouldn't have been talking to the chair. and he should have been talking to his hair. because his hair has gone crazy. he now has crazy old man hair. talk to the hair should be the bumper sticker. he looks like phyllis diller just got out of bed. someone get that guy some palm aid or something. >> bill: at 82 come on he has still got most of his hair and he is in good shape. i'm not going to criticize his appearance. when he came on because you are in show biz and you know how it's orchestrated. we understand that he just basically said to the romney people hey, i'm going to do what i want and if you don't like it, i'm going to pull out my magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and blow
8:53 pm
your head clean off. they let him do what he wanted. >> it's funny with just standing back stage and he was looking around and he said a guy offered him a chair. it's a good thing the guy didn't offer him a chamber pot or spitto an because he would have talked to that for a minute. how unprepared could you be. make a few notes on the flight over next time. >> bill: you thought he didn't advance the governor's cause then? >> i'm just saying put a couple beats on a steno pad next time you are going to be in front of a million people that's all. >> bill: talking about organize and steno pads. we go to charlotte and we have this parade of militant women on the stage saying that they are under siege. there is a war against them. and i'm going what war? what war? do you know what war? >> i don't know because we want you to pay for your own
8:54 pm
birth control, that's an attack on your womb like we're flying a predator drone over your if a lopian tubing and calling in a strike? i don't get it. like i like beer but i will pay for my own beer and you not paying for my beer is not a war on beer, that's me being in charge of something that i ingest. so that's final with me. the other thing that i thought was really weird was every single democrat started their story with my parents or my grandparents came to this country with nothing. they worked three jobs. they pulled themselves up by the same boot straps? isn't that the point we are trying to make? that's the point. where does the part of the story go they decided to quit all three jobs and wait for the government to bring them iud's and cheese? >> bill: you are not understanding the evolution of our society in america. it's okay for the parents and grandparents to work the three
8:55 pm
jobs and not rely on the government but not us. we're special people carolla. we shouldn't have. >> it's called narcissism and entitlement. by the way there is one good thing about the convention being over. ry -- rigosa is back in los angeles now with his rock steady leadership we are going straight to the moon. i mean it was some tough sledding there. somewhere around day three with villaragosa was going to be rioting. thank god you got to see on a national level what we're dealing with here on a local level that nimrod. >> bill: there you go. can a roll will la not o'reilly. thanks. congratulations again for new factor contributor. many of you have asked about dennis miller. remember him? we haven't had him on because of the convention. back on wednesday. giving the d man two
8:56 pm
segment's, one for the republicans and one for the democrats. miller and i had a great time for the bolder fresher show. because the houston show sold out so quickly, we have added matinee in houston details on bill o'reilly to the come. 200 tickets left for the austin, texas show on friday november 23rd. if you want to see us, you have got it move y'all. the factor tip of the day, extending your summer. the tip 60 seconds away. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant...
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8:58 pm
i can't put it down. >> bill: that movie will be out in february. "killing lincoln" remains on the best selling list about one year in the marketplace. killing kennedy will be out on october 2nd. advance sales are very strong for this book and i think you'll like it. finally the children's book, lincoln's last days, prentd of illustrations, number one juvenile book in the country. they say it's the perfect book for middle school students. teachers like david moore across the indiana ordering a book for the classroom. details about school orders available on finally tonight the factor the tip the day, summer is fading fast but you can extend by embracing the new beach boys ddcd. what really struck me their new stuff is really good.
8:59 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: now, usually when you go to a concert. pop legend selling new stuff everybody goes to the restroom. but it will extend your summer, a very good thing. that is it for us. please check out the fox news factor website, also we would like to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o' do not be fulsom. do not be fulsom. if you are watching in an exotic place on this planet. e


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